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Flame Arresters
Inline Flame Arrester
Series 7000

WENCO Series 7000 Industrial Flame Arresters are engineered to stop flame Propagations, helping protect downstream equipment and processes. The unique non-welded and cleanable element utilizes an industry standard crimped metal ribbon allowing for maximum flow and protection. Units are bi-directional and may be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal position for either group "D" or group "C" gases.
They can be fabricated from Aluminum, Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel with Aluminum or Stainless Steel Element. Sizes range from 1" to 12" connections, API flanged for either concentric or eccentric design.
Inline Flash Arrester
Series 700

WENCO Series 700 Inline Flash Arresters are economically engineered for small piping installations up to 6- inch with threaded connections. these units are designed with a unique non-welded element housing that can easily be replaced or cleaned and use an industry standard spiral wound crimped metal ribbon. these units are b-directional and can be easily installed vertically or horizontally for group "d" or group "C" gases.
Standard construction is Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel with either Aluminum or Stainless Steel Elements. These units range in size from 1/4" threaded to 6" Threaded connections.