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Burner Parts
Fuel Gas Safety Valve

WENCO FGSV's (Fuel Gas Safety Valves) are used to connect and control the fuel source to the Fire Box Flame Arrester on a gas fired vessel (usually with a drip pot, that fills with fluid which in turn lefts the float assembly to shut off the fuel gas flow to the Fire Box Flame Arrester. Generally, this works in conjunction with a production cycle to move product from the ground to storage points for collection.

Pilot Assembly

WENCO Series 1000 Pilot Assembly is designed to provide stable, accurate air/gas mixture to the Pilot Burner tip under varying atmospheric conditions. This Pilot may be operated as a low atmospheric burner (4" w.c to 1 psig) or as a high atmospheric burner (1 psig to 25 psig). Pilots can be purchased as complete assemblies or as individual parts.